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Home Stock Basics
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Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 21 March 2009 20:53

Stock Investing

As I was sitting here planning the stock investing section of this site, I was thinking about the best way to introduce and talk about stocks. But it wasn't easy, because there's so much to say. Anyway I guess the beginning is probably as good a place as any, right?

Stock market basics

You may know some of the basics about stocks already, and if you do you're off to a good start. But some people may not even know what a stock actually is. Before I started investing I had a vague idea, but if you had asked me to explain how they worked I dont think I could have told you. So, that seems like a good place to start!

What are stocks?

How does the stock market work?

How can you lose money in the stock market?

Finding, buying and selling stocks

In this section i've given some basics on stock picking and the process of buying stocks, so you can see how simple it really is:

How do you know what stocks to buy?

How to place an order online to buy stock

Free online brokers

Penny stocks

Penny stock trading and wanting to invest in penny stocks is something many people are interested in. However, there are risks to trading penny stocks! Read these sections to learn more about penny stocks and the risks.

Penny stock basics


More information

I am going to be adding sections about stock screening and stock charts, but you can also visit this website for more information on stock market trading .

How To Invest Money

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